Skibike is the name for a ski bike that uses skis instead of wheels the mode combines two disciplines, skiing and cycling, and allows the user full enjoyment of winter joys. Ski cycling, as a relatively unexplored ski sport is for many people still unknown.

Although ski cycling is a daily occurrence at foreign ski resorts, at local ski resorts it is still unknown but no doubt appealing attention and interest at every ski resort where he appears.

Skibike, as its name suggests, uses skis instead of wheels. In fact, it would be skiing on a bicycle. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?



It is generally known that playing sports with young people has great health and the educational role and brings many physical and mental benefits.

Any type of cycling in children encourages concentration and coordination. With Skibike, this is even more pronounced given that the rider uses his whole body in coordination with the bike, in order to successfully maneuver on the track.

Since we are the first Skibike club in Croatia, on Platak, we offer program / school under the guidance of licensed teachers. A conveyor belt that is ideal for beginners where children and adults can learn basic driving techniques.

There is also a tourist trail, where all recreationists and citizens who want a light panoramic ride can come to their own, while the trail on Radeševo, as a third option, requires some knowledge and experience.


It is an event that will bring the world trends of adrenaline sports closer to Croatia and promote sports through test drives with licensed coaches. As a winter sport for which interest is on the rise, we believe that it should not be neglected in Croatia, and with that in mind, we decided to organize an event like this to introduce the general public to it. We expect guests from all over Europe (Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece), most of whom are advanced users who will additionally demonstrate all the possibilities that "Skibike" offers, and hold an unforgettable race and experience for visitors.

We are proud that the company SLEDGEHAMMER from Austria has decided to become our partner!

Their goal has always been to make the best skibike.

They now have a total of 20 years of experience in designing, testing, and manufacturing winter sports equipment. Hundreds of days on the tracks and in the workshop allowed them to implement innovations quickly and easily.

For years, they have had direct contact with customers through their rental stations. The Sledgehammer brand was founded by Gregor Schuster in 2004 and thousands of ski bikes have been sold to date.

The future of skibike sports is very important to them. With a lot of effort and attention to detail, they continue to improve and optimize their products.


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